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Committed to keeping your equipment running at peak performance.

With a Carestream Service Plan, you can protect your equipment investment, maximize system uptime and optimize performance. You’ll gain the confidence that comes with coverage you can count on for the future, without disruptions or gaps, and at a remarkably affordable price. Our plans ensure preventive and proactive care of your Carestream system – with fast access to expert, personal support through our Customer Success Network. Plus, plans can be customized to your needs and your budget.


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ImageView Software

Achieve Tighter Security and Greater Productivity.

Our ImageView Software delivers advanced security capabilities to protect you
from the ever-changing cybersecurity risks threatening your standards for patient
care, regulatory compliance, reputation and finances.


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DRX Accident Protection Plans

Plans For Your Peace of Mind.

CARESTREAM DRX Detectors are at the center of our DRX family of products. Their robust, wireless design works across your imaging equipment with tremendous ease and flexibility. As such, it’s a valuable investment – one you count on for maximum productivity and quality patient care. To protect this crucial asset from drops and other accidents, Carestream has developed DRX Accident Protection Plans.


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Applications Training Services

Build Applications Expertise with Ongoing Education.

Look to Carestream’s Applications Training Services. They cover Carestream product education, optimization of image quality and the latest advances in image processing. We can help you move from analog to digital. Train new staff members. And keep veteran technologists current on the latest imaging advances. 


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