The Lux 35 Detector

Meet our first glass-free medical detector — with the power to make life easier for radiographers and exams more comfortable for patients.


  • Non-glass design means lighter weight, easier transport and positioning for reduced technologist fatigue.
  • Unique finger grips provide more secure handling to minimize accidental bumps and drops and allow for easier positioning.
  • Rounded edges help it slide more easily behind patients to reduce discomfort.
  • Battery hot-swap allows replacement without detector downtime.
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator for lower dose and better image quality.

DRX Plus Detectors

The design of our original shareable DR Detector has never stopped advancing. Today, this flagship solution features the X-Factor and can be shared across all our DRX Systems.


  • Choose from a Gadolinium scintillator for general radiology imaging or Cesium Iodide scintillator for low-dose applications.
  • High DQE enables lower dose and improved image quality.
  • The IP57 rating offers a high level of protection from dust and liquid ingress.
  • An accelerated frame rate allows compatibility with advanced applications.

DRX Plus 2530C Detector

Enjoy all the features and advantages of our DRX Plus Detectors in a versatile smaller format.


  • The small, compact design provides fast, easy positioning in pediatric incubator trays as well as orthopaedic tabletop imaging. 
  • With its Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator, it's ideal for does-sensitive pediatric applications.
  • The 98 micron pixel pitch delivers extraordinary image quality.

DRX-L Detector

Take high-quality long-length images of the legs or spine — with a single exposure.


  • The large field of view (17" x 51") accommodates long-leg and scoliosis.
  • There's less set-up time vs. multi-shot exams, so this detector improves workflow and efficiency.
  • Single exposure reduce does and minimize repeats.

Focus Detectors

These offer our most affordable solutions to upgrade your analog or CR system to the many benefits of full digital imaging.


  • It's the ideal way to step up to the superb image quality and diagnostic confidence and only DR imaging can provide.
  • Wireless design and operation boost workflow and eliminate the hassles of cables.
  • Pair this detector with CARESTREAM ImageSuite V4 Software and create a retrofit solution for your smaller facility.
  • Focus Detectors are also available for the CARESTRESM DRX- Compass X-ray System as well as our room and mobile retrofit solutions.

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