Dual Energy

Dual Energy uses patented differential filtration to subtract rapidly acquired low and high energy acquisitions for the generation of bone and soft tissue images.



  • Improved detection sensitivity for abnormalities in the lung as overlying rib structures are subtracted - infectious consolidations, interstitial lung changes, and aortic or tracheal calcification


  • Improved assessment of bone abnormalities that can simulate disease and may mimic a solitary pulmonary nodule - bone islands, costochondral osteophytes, or healing rib fractures
  • Improved specificity because of anatomy material quantification – differentiation of calcified vs. non-calcified nodule, etc.

DRX-Evolution Plus

See X-ray Imaging in a Dramatic New Light.

Since its introduction, our flagship DRX-Evolution Plus has set a benchmark for X-ray room imaging performance. Today, it still offers modular design to fit your individual space, workflow and budget. But now, the Evolution Plus’s latest features make it more powerful and more dependable than ever.


Options Include:

  • Dual Energy
  • Digital Tomosynthesis 
  • Auto Long-Length Imaging


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