The DRX-L Detector

Faster workflow and high image quality!

The CARESTREAM DRX-L Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure – reducing patient dose, saving exam time, speeding workflow, decreasing repeats and allowing for a higher level of patient comfort.


The DRX-L Detector provides the largest field of view and highest resolution to deliver high-quality leg and spine exams. This solution drastically reduces patient hold time and minimizes patient discomfort as the image is acquired in a single shot. The benefits of the DRX-L Detector enables a facility to deliver the highest level of care when imaging and diagnosing the patient and planning treatment.



  • Easily accommodates long-leg, scoliosis and degenerative spine exams with the largest field of view; 17” x 51”.
  • Drastically reduces hold time and minimizes patient discomfort as long-length scans can be completed in less than one second – compared to 15 seconds or more with a multi-shot DR solution.
  • Improves workflow and efficiency with less set-up time vs. multi-shot exams – while reducing patient dose.
  • Uses Eclipse Image Processing for extraordinary image quality and provides one unified image, with no need to manipulate a stitched image due to patient movement.

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