The Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm

High performance imaging in surgery.

The Ziehm Vision RFD C-arm, provided by Carestream, offers our customers a powerful option in fluoroscopic intervention. This system incorporates the latest CMOS technology to deliver excellent image quality. Available with either a 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm or 31 cm x 31 cm CMOS flat-panel detector, it supports the full spectrum of your patients’ needs and a broad range of applications. Both systems are equipped with a powerful generator for optimum penetration, with Advanced Active Cooling to enable longer procedures and intuitive operation to meet exacting clinical standards.

*Vision RFD C-arm available from Carestream in US and Canada only. 

The Lux 35 Detector

Our new glass-free, ergonomic DR detector.

Meet the all NEW Lux 35 Detector. Its innovative design replaces glass with a lighter, more durable material that makes it the lightest detector in our portfolio – so it’s easier to carry and position. The Lux 35 also offers strategically placed finger grips and beveled edges that make it easier to carry and position. These features all work together to make things easier for the radiographer (especially in busy ICUs), while promoting patient comfort. 

The DRX-L Detector

Single-shot LLI imaging. No stitching.

Capturing high-quality, long-length images of legs or spine can be difficult – especially with pediatric patients or patients with limited mobility who find it hard to remain still for an extended period of time. The DRX-L Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure, while reducing patient dose, speeding workflow and increasing patient comfort. 

The DRX-Revolution

Experience the new DRX-Revolution.

With the introduction of the ultra-maneuverable DRX-Revolution, featuring the world’s first automatic, collapsible column, Carestream redefined mobile imaging. The updated DRX-Revolution includes new features and benefits such as quieter brakes and motor, an improved tube head and collimator, enhanced display screens, and the Bin Charging-Charge option for your detector (top slot only). 

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