Achieve a New Level of Clarity in Digital Radiography.

AI Technology Cancels Noise for Superb Image Quality.

Carestream's Eclipse Engine leverages deep, convolutional, neural network technology to provide superb CNN-based noise reduction - yielding improved image quality, preservation of fine detail, better contrast-to-noise ratio and easier-to-read radiographs. Smart Noise Cancellation is designed to provide major benefits for:


  • General radiography, to improve the clarity of anatomical features in the processed images.
  • Gridless imaging, when used in conjunction with software-based scatter suppression (e.g. SmartGrid, where the removal of scatter usually leads to an increase in noise.
  • Neonatal imaging, as imaging at the lowest possible dose is critical.

Smart Noise Cancellation Processing: Providing a New Level of Clarity in Digital Radiography and a Foundation to Reduce Dose

This white paper provides an overview of the SNC technology and includes clinical reader study results that demonstrate a significant improvement in dose efficiency.  This means that SNC provides users the ability to improve image quality at nominal-dose levels or preserve image quality at a reduced dose level.


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Best Customer Satisfaction

Carestream Health has earned IMV's ServiceTrak award for Best Customer Satisfaction in General X-ray.

IMV produces the proprietary ServiceTrak reports based on extensive online surveys or phone interviews with radiology professionals in U.S. hospitals and non-hospital locations from IMV's master database of general radiology X-ray system locations.


The award represents Carestream's high scores from customers in these key areas: 


  • Technology Leadership
  • Ease of Use & Reliability
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Training Programs
  • Repurchase Intention
  • System Uptime
  • Overall Manufacturer Performance

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