Fewer Rejected Images = Less Exposure

Our new Smart Room Assist features can help reduce your rate of rejected images by up to 16%—as shown during customer site evaluations—and with fewer retakes, patients receive less exposure.


Read below to learn how each feature reduces patient exposure for fewer rejected images.


Smart Noise Cancellation: Image quality has three integral components: noise, sharpness, and contrast. Our innovative, AI-based technology helps subtract noise from the image without degrading sharpness. This maintains fine spatial detail for images that are significantly clearer than standard processing.


Positioning Features: We specifically designed our Smart Room Assist features, like Smart Patient Position and Video Assist, to dramatically reduce and correct issues with patient positioning, helping our customers cut down retakes by 16% in site evaluations. With more accurate, reliable positioning, you can count on fewer retakes and fewer exposures.


Virtual Collimation: This notable feature allows the radiographer to further adjust the collimation from the console to reduce radiation exposure to the patient and avoid clipping anatomy for fewer retakes and lower dose.


Smart Technique: Exposure issues contribute, on average, to 15% of retakes, according to a study from the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Customer can reduce their average with Smart Technique which automatically selects the appropriate acquisition technique.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

  • "Virtual collimation is beneficial for recollimation or to make fine adjustments after initial position. This saves us time from going back to the room to make the adjustments and reduce dose to the patient."

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