New Enhancements for CR and DR

DR TQT: Our Image Suite MR 10 Software now allows you to perform DR Total Quality Testing—a set of tests to ensure a comprehensive quality control program and top performance of your DR Detectors.


Classic CR Mammography Enhancements: New advancements to CR Mammography help enable more control and flexibility, as well as improved visualization of tissue and elevated image quality to help improve diagnostic confidence.


DR LLI Auto Stitching[1]: Our Image Suite MR 10 Software includes optional DR LLI Auto Stitching, which automatically stitches images for maximum efficiency. Users still retain the ability to manually stitch or adjust—and if needed, can force-stitch if not using all the preset views.

[1] Optional Long-Length Imaging Auto-Stitching not available in all regions

Focus HD Support

Our Focus HD Detectors[2] not only help cost-effectively upgrade to the benefits of DR but now include Automatic DR LLI Stitching and DR TQT—further boosting your workflow efficiency and the value of your equipment. 


Carestream Focus 35C Detector

[2] Focus HD Detectors not available in all regions


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