Easy Affordable Upgrade to DR

Carestream’s Focus Retrofit Systems are an easy, affordable solution to upgrade to the premium benefits of Digital Radiography, like more productivity, increased diagnostic confidence, and a faster, easier workflow. What’s more, our Focus Retrofit Systems can help maximize the value of your existing equipment for a boost to your ROI! 

A More Effective Workflow

Improve patient care and reduce retakes with a faster, more efficient workflow compared to analog or CR. Leverage the power of DR for fast, efficient diagnosis and treatment planning as well as a smooth patient experience.

  • Two sizes are available – 35x43 cm and 43x43 cm, both with Cesium Iodide scintillator for low-dose applications. 
  • Wireless design also helps minimize the infection risks and trip hazards of cables. 
  • Beam Detect Mode eliminates cable connection to the generator, alleviating OEM service concerns; image capture begins automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure. 
  • Image Storage Mode – acquired images can be stored on the detector allowing it to be moved between different x-ray systems, then images can be downloaded to the console at a later time. 
  • Bluetooth DAP – enables wireless collection of dose area product rate information.


Download the Focus Detector Retrofit Brochure 

Pristine Image Quality

Our Focus Detectors can deliver high-resolution, ultra-detailed images with superb diagnostic quality, including magnification of small objects and microstructures. Plus, our Image Suite Software, powered by Eclipse, takes image processing to a whole new level.


  • Wireless design and operation boost workflow and eliminate hassles of cables.
  • Works with Image Suite Software as a retrofit solution, designed specifically for smaller facilities and specialty practices like orthopedic, chiropractic and veterinary.


Download the Focus Detector Brochure 

Performance-Boosting Features

Our Image Suite Software offers powerful tools, like immediate image previews, advanced image processing, robust functionality, and specialized measurement tools for maximum efficiency. Plus, with Image Storage Mode, you can store acquired images on the detector and move easily between different X-ray systems.


  • Touch-friendly interface provides ease of use.
  • Workflow is streamlined and provides improved image quality.
  • Specialized measurement tools are available.
  • Mini PACs module is available as an option.


Download the Image Suite Brochure 

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