Navigate the All-New DRX-Compass Family X-ray System.

The DRX-Compass will put you on the right road to superb performance today and evolve to support your changing needs for diagnostic imaging.


  • Exceptional image quality to support improved diagnostic confidence
  • Scalable and upgradeable technology to help eliminate equipment obsolescence
  • Wide selection of components to configure the ideal system for your budget, workflow and needs
  • Advanced Smart Features automate workflow to streamline processes, support radiographer productivity, save time and enhance patient care


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Optimize Your Workflow with the Power of AI.

The Power of Smart Room Capabilities.

Our Smart Rooms offer intelligent features, for faster, more efficient exams and enhanced workflow. Automated positioning and exposure settings provide uniform protocols for similar exam types delivering consistent image quality and improved diagnostic confidence.


  • Enables faster, more ef­ficient exams and enhanced workflow
  • Automates positioning and exposure settings to provide uniform protocols for similar exam types
  • Provides image consistency for improved diagnostic confidence
  • Optimizes workflow and reduces repeats through automated equipment positioning, patient and pose veri­fication, and automated collimation fi­eld
  • Improves image consistency and optimizes radiation dose through automated technique selection based upon the patient’s height and size
  • Promotes improved infection control by reducing the need for direct radiographer and patient contact


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Achieve a New Level of Clarity in Digital Radiography.

AI Technology Cancels Noise for Superb Image Quality.

Smart Noise Cancellation software delivers improved image quality, preservation of fine detail, better contrast-to-noise ratio and easier-to-read radiographs by leveraging deep, convolutional, neural network technology to provide superb CNN-based noise reduction. Smart Noise Cancellation is designed to provide major benefits for:


  • General radiography; to improve the clarity of anatomical features in the processed images
  • Gridless imaging; when used in conjunction with software-based scatter suppression (e.g. SmartGrid, where the removal of scatter usually leads to an increase in noise
  • Neonatal imaging; where imaging at the lowest possible dose is critical


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Best Customer Satisfaction

Carestream Health Earned IMV's ServiceTrak Award for Best Customer Satisfaction in General X-ray

Our newest award supports the feedback we receive repeatedly from our customers: that Carestream develops innovative solutions that deliver quantitative improvements in medical imaging; and our solutions are easy to use and reliable, helping healthcare facilities manage their costs.


The award is based on feedback gathered by IMV through extensive online surveys or phone interviews with radiology professionals in U.S. hospitals and non-hospital locations from IMV's master database of general radiology X-ray system locations. 


The award represents Carestream's high scores from customers in these key areas: 

  • Customer Loyalty 
  • Repurchase Intention 
  • Technology Leadership 
  • Training Programs 
  • System Uptime 
  • Overall Manufacturer Performance 
  • Ease of Use & Reliability 

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