You always want the best diagnostic images possible at the lowest dose achievable, especially when the patient is a child.

That’s why Carestream developed our pediatric X-ray solutions – integrated hardware and software tailored to the specifi­c demands of pediatric imaging. These solutions deliver all the efficiency and quality you require, while helping you meet the recommendations of government agencies, such as the Image Gently Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, and the safety principles of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).



Image Processing

Eclipse Imaging Intelligence capabilities offer robust processing features for images of optimal quality – while reducing quality errors and minimizing dose for our smallest patients.


  • Pediatric Image Optimization and Enhancement Software is designed with small patients in mind to automatically adjust and tailor the CARESTREAM EVP Plus image-processing parameters for any one of the seven pediatric body-size categories.
  • Smart Noise Cancellation (SNC) isolates noise from the signal, then subtracts the noise - enabling lower dose and producing images that are dramatically clearer than what our standard processing provides.
  • Pediatric advance-trauma capability allows your team to work faster when every second counts. Immediate access to pediatric body size will speed workflow in trauma cases when time is of the essence.
  • SmartGrid processing provides image quality comparable to images acquired with an anti-scatter grid - but at a reduced patient dose and can be used in conjunction with SNC to reduce noise.
  • Tube and Line Visualization creates a companion image with optimized processing for clearer, easier visualization of PICC lines and tubes to increase confidence that tubes and lines are placed correctly - and remain in position.


Workflow Intelligence

Advanced Smart Features automate manual tasks and workflow steps to streamline processes, support technologist productivity, save time and money and enhance pediatric care.


  • Detector Verification notifies the user when a non-selected detector sees substantial physical movement. Exposure is disabled until the user confirms the correct detector.
  • IHE Dose Reporting collects and distributes comprehensive dose information to PACS - including DAP values, techniques and exposure indices. 


DR Smart Room Brochure 


Image Review

Carestream’s image-review capabilities allow you to measure and compare exposure and other key parameters for each exam performed. This is ideal for quality education programs and continuous improvement:


  • Prior Image Review reduces variability by enabling images to be retrieved and reviewed and techniques to be copied to the current exam.
  • IEC Exposure Index allows quick assessment of the amount of radiation used to create the image.
  • Deviation Index immediately compares the exposure used to your facility's specific target goal.
  • Dose Reporting collects and distributes comprehensive dose information to PACS - including DAP values, techniques and exposure indices. 
  • Total Quality Tool uses a phantom and software to assure your detector remains within the standards of Image Gently and government guidelines for pediatric imaging. 
  • Administrative Analysis and Reporting Software queries all Carestream systems in the facility and reports exposure levels per exam and per tech, repeat rates, repeat reasons, techniques used and more. 

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