Best Customer Satisfaction

Carestream Health has earned IMV's ServiceTrak award for Best Customer Satisfaction in General X-ray.

IMV produces the proprietary ServiceTrak reports based on extensive online surveys or phone interviews with radiology professionals in U.S. hospitals and non-hospital locations from IMV's master database of general radiology X-ray system locations. 


The award represents Carestream's high scores from customers in these key areas: 

  • Customer Loyalty 
  • Repurchase Intention 
  • Technology Leadership 
  • Training Programs 
  • System Uptime 
  • Overall Manufacturer Performance 
  • Ease of Use & Reliability 

About IMV

IMV produces an annual series of proprietary ServiceTrak imaging reports derived from extensive phone interviews with imaging professionals in hospital departments and independent imaging centers in the U.S. Satisfaction ratings are collected on a 10-point scale, in which 10 = "excellent" and 1 = "very poor". Report analysis is based on the percentage of highly satisfied (%HS) responses that are represented by satisfaction ratings of a 9 or 10 on this scale. The 2022 ServiceTrak Imaging Awards are based on interviews conducted with respondents in 2,843 imaging locations having 7,634 systems. Visit

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